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Admiral Christopher Pike

No Blinking. No Beeping. It's Been Done.

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Name:Christopher Pike

Basic Information:
Name: Christopher Richard Pike
DOB: March 21, 2205 Age: 54
Place of Birth: Mojave, California, Earth
Current Occupation: Head of Starfleet Strategic Operations, Rank Rear Admiral
Height: 6'0
Build: Pike is very lean which comes from years of horseback riding.
Other: Currently uses a cane following intense recovery from the Battle of Vulcan. He has two scars on his body, at the base of his spine from Slug Removal Surgery, and one on his leg from a compound fracture he suffered after falling off of his horse.

Style of dress: Pike has three uniforms at his disposal as Admiral, a black one, a white dress Uniform, and a Gold Duty dress uniform. He prefers the black. When not in uniform he's most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.
About Pike: My version of Pike is based on the TOS Novel Burning Dreams, The Original Series, Star Trek XI and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Disclaimer: Not Bruce Greenwood or anyone affiliated with the Star Trek Franchise. This journal is for RP and Fic Purposes Only. Mun and Muse both are well over 18.
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